Brushless DC Motors are electronically commutated motors, which are also called as permanent magnet synchronous motors. Unlike traditional DC motor which uses carbon brush for commutation, an BLDC-Motor uses complex electronics with intelligent control algorithm for commutation. As there is no carbon brush there will not be any wear & tear. With intelligent electronics control algorithm most of electrical power is converted into useful mechanical motion, minimising energy loss in terms of unwanted effects like temperature rise and noise.


BLDC Motors stand out as a reliable and optimal choice in the current landscape of e-motion technologies. The components utilized in constructing a BLDC Motor are both service-free and frictionless. In terms of precision in motion control, BLDC Motors excel, especially in Direct-drive (Gearless) applications characterized by low speed and high torque. They find versatile applications in fields demanding precision, dynamics, and smooth motion. Examples include serving as a power source for robots, necessitating meticulous force control, powering electric cars with high efficiency and dynamics, and being employed in typical home appliances that require sophistication such as low-noise and low-heat operation.


The energy efficiency of BLDC motors surpasses that of traditional motors significantly, owing to the implementation of Field-oriented control. Unlike Induction motors, which exhibit moderate energy efficiency only at specific operating points, BLDC Motors demonstrate elevated energy efficiency across their entire speed and torque range, even at low speed and high torque conditions. In BLDC Motors, robust permanent magnets generate rotor flux, replacing the coils found in traditional motors, thereby eliminating energy loss in the form of heat due to rotor coils. Opting for BLDC Motors represents the ideal compromise for minimizing a carbon footprint.


The lifespan of BLDC Motors significantly exceeds that of traditional Induction and brushed-DC motors. This extended longevity is attributed to the absence of friction between moving components, coupled with the utilization of fully sealed bearings, eliminating the need for maintenance or servicing throughout their operational life.
A crucial factor in the premature failure of traditional motors is the temperature rise in coils, leading to insulation breakdown. However, BLLDC Motors effectively manage the temperature rise in coils and electronics, ensuring they operate well within the rated specifications of insulation materials. This capability provides BLDC Motors with the durability for extended and reliable operation.


Noise, vibration & weight of BLDC motors are much lower compared to traditional brushed-DC motors and Induction motors. Having said that, not all BLDC Motors are made same. Engineers at Aatrel with our wide knowledge in motion physics, craft & tune our motor design to eliminate unwanted harmonics that contribute to noise and vibration.
Our BLDC Motors are the preferable option for premium applications which requires the luxury of less weight & quite operation.


Our strength is our expertise in research and development of BLDC Motor technology. Aatrel motors are designed for perfection. Detailed electromagnetic, mechanical, electronics and thermal design works are carried out to optimise our motor for performance, reliability and endurance.